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Monkey 47 Gin Distillers Cut 375ml

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The Black Forest area in Germany is known for its cake, but it's also famous for producing some of the world's finest fruit liqueurs. When Commander Montgomery "Monty" Collins of the Royal Air Force was discharged in 1951 and moved to the area, he perfected the recipe for his very own gin, which became the signature spirit served at The Wild Monkey until the 1970s. Upon hearing this story, Alexander Stein set out to replicate the mythical spirit, using botanicals from the Black Forest and India. The whopping 47 botanicals that go into Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Gin make it a contemporary gin, but the distilling methods are rooted in tradition. Each year, they release a special-edition Distiller's Cut that has them scour the globe for some extra-special ingredients. They didn't need to search far for the 12th Edition, as they found woodruff right there in the Black Forest, where it goes by the name of Waldmeister ("The Master of the Forest"). After drying the leaves for several weeks, they were added to the traditional Monkey 47 macerate, resulting in an elegant, complex, and spicy dry gin bottled at 94 proof. Get your bottle of the 12th Edition of the Distiller's Cut today!