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Louis De Sacy Rose De Saignee Grand Cru Champagne

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Louis De Sacy Rose De Saignee Grand Cru Champagne - Not only is this Louis de Sacy Grand Cru Brut Ros̩e Champagne utterly delicious, it is incredibly versatile as well. (Think GO-TO fete bubbly.) Everything from lamb, to pork, fish, tuna and salmon will work with the lovely layers of this Grand Cru. It's fabulous with food, but also an elegant aperitif on its own. To start: peppered tuna skewers with toasted sesame oil mayo with just a suggestion of wasabi... For the main event: roasted leg of lamb with potatoes and onions. The French say to roast the lamb until it's the color of the champagne, or pink... OR, long-simmered pork Choucroute au Champagne, a heady mix of smoked pork loin, bratwurst, salt pork and sauerkraut (perfect for very cold days) OR a thick French fish stew/soup or Bouillabaisse. The final note: rich cherry/raspberry cr̬me brul̩e. Qu'est-ce que vous attendez winelovers?