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Booker's Bourbon Uncut & Unfiltered 2021-02

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Booker's Bourbon Uncut & Unfiltered 2021-02

COLOR: Our darkest and deepest amber and henna color.

TASTE: Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak.

AROMA: Robust vanilla and caramel notes; slightly smoky.

FINISH: Long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping.

Created by the late great Master Distiller at Jim Beam, Booker Noe, Booker’s bourbon is a quarterly release small batch bourbon that is uncut and unfiltered.  In other words, besides vatting the barrels selected for the batch, nothing is done from barrel to bottle.  No filtration, no cutting the proof with water.  If you want to know more about the history of Booker’s. Its a very useful site that also contains in depth information on each batch of Booker’s as well.

Booker’s batch numbers are easy to read.  2016-06 means it was the 6th release of 2016 (the new quarterly release started in 2017).  In a fairly recent development, Booker’s releases are also given a name/catch phrase which generally have absolutely nothing to do with the actual whiskey, but are nonetheless helpful identifiers for batches (Stagg Jr and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, please take notes at how to not drive your consumers insane trying to figure out which batch they have).  Batch 2016-06 is dubbed “Noe Hard Times”.