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Tres Manos Tequila Anejo - 1L Bottle

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Tres Manos 100% Pure Agave Anejo Tequila is Triple Distilled from the fermented juice of the heart of the blue agave plant. When the tequila has aged 3 years in charred French Oak, charred American Oak and used Oak Bourbon Barrels, our master blender calculates the proportions needed for the blending of the barrels, thereby creating the finest tequila possible. The result rivals the master cognac and single malt blenders of France and Scotland. Our triple distillation process through our modern stainless steel pot stills makes a smoother tequila. Due to this more intense distillation process and triple filtration process, the taste of Tres Manos is softer than most tequilas. The taste is exactly what the nose suggests; a wonderful balance of oak derived vanilla and the fruitiness of agave.

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