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Old Harbor San Miguel Southwestern Gin

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Old Harbor San Miguel Southwestern Gin - Old Harbor Distilling Company in San Diego the creation of its passionate founder, Master Craft Distiller Michael Skubic, well respected for his talent in brewing award winning craft beer.

Recently setting sail, the company name is homage to the fact that San Diego’s harbor is the oldest in California, and further embracing the location’s history launched its first ship as San Miguel, the harbor's original name.

'South Western' because it adopts the local preferences for South Western and Mexican style cuisine, it is gin distilled with the freshest botanicals sourced from local farms; fresh cucumber, cilantro and lime peel as well as Macedonian juniper berries.

Each batch taking 4 days to complete, the macerated ingredients are first combined with neutral grain alcohol for 36 hours, then are distilled for a further 12 before being hand-bottled and labeled on-site.

Served at room temperature San Miguel Old Harbor South Western is smooth and pleasing, a superb quality spirit, certain to please gin-enthusiasts and newcomers alike.