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About Us

Whether it is a celebration or a small dinner party; a triumph or defeat; a broken heart or badly in love; one glass of alcohol has always been consistent with us. Everything we intake is lucrative until it is not addicted to excessive, either it is emotions, appetite or privileges. And therefore we bring in the finest quality of alcohol, advisable for moderate consumption at the Newport Wine & Spirits.

Take a sip or grab a carafe at the Newport Wine & Spirits. The store houses a plethora of liquor options for you to choose. Avail a bottle of any brand hovering amongst the wine, tequila, vodka, liqueur, rose, scotch, bourbon, rum, brandy and beer. Newport Wine & Spirits lets you cook with wine to improve your dine.

Today almost every lifestyle inculcates a drink to release out every stress that tries to inhabit in our soul. We focus on bringing the joy with a stress reliever in your lives through the best quality drinks to cater your coveted needs. The moderate alcohol consumption reduces your risk of developing and dying of heart disease, and possibly reducing your risk of ischemic stroke, and diabetes. 

If you appreciate quality, then we are for you. Fermented with all the biological care and vigilance, we bring in the elite quality brand of drinks through the Newport Wine & Spirits. We feel privileged in paying homage to you to come and indulge in diversified categories of alcohol at the Newport Wine & Spirits.